How to do an ear and sinus drainage technique at home

Man, it’s been a rough season for maintaining immunity, hasn’t it?

If you’re a parent or caregiver, you’ll want to bookmark these how-to videos on how to do an ear and sinus drainage technique at home. This is one of those parental health tools you (and your kids) will wonder how you ever did without.

The technique involves a simple massage-like action you perform using your fingers, inside the ears with essential oils.

The movement helps trigger and support normal drainage in the sinus and lymphatic pathways…and equals one happy, healthy patient! And yes, kids like it (2 years and older recommended).

I also included a separate video for how-to perform an expanded technique on a less-squirmy-more-patient adult.

Why manual stimulation is so darn important for our drainage pathways

The much under-appreciated lymphatic system is one of our largest and most important detoxification pathways.

Think of the lymph system as a river flowing through your body, swiftly shuttling away harmful toxins, bacteria, waste, and debris. A healthy lymph system runs clean and clear in a continuous upward flow toward the neck.

However, if your lymph system gets “dammed up”, it becomes more like a stagnant pond overburdened with sludge.

Not a pretty picture!

What’s lurking in a stagnant lymph system…

When the lymphatic system is unable to flow, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens, which can eventually cause disease.

A wide variety of health conditions can be attributed to poor lymph circulation such as, swelling, joint pain, headaches and migraines, breast tenderness, mood irregularities, nausea, fatigue, suppressed immunity…the list goes on.

What causes the lymphatic system to get dammed up in the first place?

One “crux” of this miraculous system is it does not have an “automatic pump”. It is entirely reliant on our muscle contraction, movement, and physical (manual) pressure to move fluid.

Daily lifestyle factors aside, when someone comes down with an illness they are unlikely to be moving a lot. Hence, the technique I’m about to show you can be incredibly beneficial.

Watch “How to perform an ear and sinus drainage treatment at home” instructional videos below.

Essential oils for drainage technique

Purification®—often used for cleansing the air of impurities, Purification contains the following ingredients to naturally support the body’s drainage systems: citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca (tea tree), lavender, and myrtle.

Peppermint—one of my personal favorites for supporting immunity, relieving head pressure, and boosting energy, peppermint is the perfect complement to the drainage treatment…and kids LOVE it.

Lavender—one of the most versatile essential oils for everything from supporting normal immunity to soothing PMS, Lavender is an adaptogen which means it helps the body adapt to stressors. I used this one on Veyda in the video, partly for its beneficial effects on drainage, but also because it helps children stay calm and relaxed.

Please share your story in the comments below…or take your own video and upload it for us to see.

If you find this technique helpful please spread the word!

The videos only take moments to watch, the technique is easy to master, and has the potential to help countless kids and adults feel better faster.

Stay tuned for another video soon on an easy DIY daily routine to improve the flow of your lymphatic system.

Happy draining!


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