Video: How to make a castor oil pack using essential oils

If you live the natural life, you have probably heard about the many benefits of castor oil. It is a hot topic in the health blog sphere right now.

But did you know you can use DIY castor oil packs to enhance the healing benefits of your favorite essential oils by driving them deep into the body?

Its SO EASY to make your own packs in just minutesand Im going to show you how in the video tutorial below

but first, lets learn a little about this ancient home remedy and how you can intensify its effects using Young Living essential oils.

Why castor oil works

Castor oil has been used as a natural remedy for over 1000 years.

Our parents took it for tummy aches and constipation, and their grandparents may have taken it for aches and pains, to induce labor (a practice commonly recommended by midwives today), and to help recover from illness. Up until recently, castor oil was found in nearly every home medicine cabinet.

Castor oil come from the castor seed (native to India), and has a very unique chemical composition. It contains a high percentage (90%) of the fatty acid: ricinoleic acid.

Apart from the castor seed, ricinoleic acid is rare in plants—with only less than 1% found in cottonseed and soybean oils—hence, it is believed to be the medicinal component responsible for castor oils one-of-a-kind healing properties.

Why castor oil is an essential oils best friend

Believe it or not, the answer to this question can be found in modern medical cancer clinics.

Though the medical establishment is generally dismissive of castor oils health benefits, according to the American Cancer Society, oncologists use castor oil in cancer centers to help drive chemotherapy drugs to cancerous tumors.

We can use this same principle with essential oils and castor oil packs, to enhance overall health.

Learn how to make your own castor oils pack using essential oils here.

Which essential oil/castor oil combos to use for what:

  • Lemon and Cypress: supports normal immune, circulatory, and lymphatic function.
  • ImmuPower™: supports normal immunity.
  • Lavender and Frankincense: promotes skin elasticity and enhances complexion.
  • Purification® and Melalueca (tea tree): to cleanse and soothe the skin.
  • Peppermint: for digestion, occasional gas and bloating or occasional nausea and bowel distress.

Who can benefit from using castor oil/essential oil packs?

I recommend castor oil packs for:

  • Supporting immunity
  • Supporting normal digestion and GI function
  • PMS, and cramps
  • Supporting normal inflammatory response
  • Supporting normal urinary health
  • Acute rash and minor skin irritations
  • Supporting hormonal balance in men and women
  • Softening tissue and releasing trauma in tissue
  • Supporting normal liver function and the detoxification pathways
  • Aiding in recovery of an illness

I have also used castor oil (without essential oils) successfully to help my body soften and release a benign uterine fibroid in my early twenties.

To do this, I just soaked a natural tampon in castor oil and inserted it between menstrual cycle periods. The oil helped soften the fibroid tissue so it broke down and easily passed with my next menstrual periodmy personal results were life-changing.

Have you made your own DIY castor oil pack before? Do you use castor oil topically or internally? Do you have an amazing healing story to share? Please tell us about it in the comments section below.


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