Nourishing, Healthy Kids DIY Summer Snacks

Here is a post from last summer that I think the majority of us could use. Especially the Popsicle recipes with the summer heat reaching in the 90s! In case you missed it and stay tuned for next weeks Home Detox Part 4:)

Have you given into the Big Myth about getting kids to eat healthy?

Parents often come to me distraught because they try and try to get their children to eat healthy, but the kids wont go for it.

Then they feel guilty for depriving them of sweets and unhealthy goodies. Like theyve given them a punishment.

This is the Big Myththat were somehow depriving our children if we restrict junk food. That healthy food is punishment. Big food companies have spent billions in marketing to make you feel this waybut its simply NOT TRUE.

So lets bust up this guilt complex for good!

In my house this is the one thing we refer to as the double yellow line. We never cross the double yellow line when it comes to eating healthy, because eating healthy is a requirement NEVER a punishment.

And when you feed our kids healthy snacks, they shouldnt taste like a punishment either.

The key is, to give them what they want. Tasty, FUN, and filling foods.

Today's recipes achieve this easily by using foods and ingredients that:

  • Contain filling, satisfying, mouth-coating healthy fats, like full-fat coconut milk
  • Sport tasty, and attractive colors and flavors like fruits, berries, and seeds
  • Sweeten things up without draining energy. Such as nutrient-rich raw honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup
  • Naturally enhance foods real flavor, such as mineral-rich sea salt, and liquid aminos
  • Look the part. This is where the rubber hits the road, kids dont like to eat things that look like they fell off a 1970s healthfood store truck. My recipes below, such as Fruit by the Foot, and Red White and Blue Popsicles, appeal to kids desire for visually appealing, normal, FUN snacks.

Remember, the only thing you are depriving your kids of when you put a stop to junk food, is fake food full of empty calories that has been engineered to sap their vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and energy while making them addicted.

Im not exaggerating. There have been dozens of studies, books, and movies dedicated to making this point about fake foods.

Big food companies dont care about nourishing your kids, all they care about is keeping them addicted to their fake foods and keeping YOU, the parent, addicted to the convenience of buying them these fake foods.

Lets tell big food our kids health is NOT for sale! Your children WILL thank you for it later, time to buck up.

Can I get a Yes or Yes? Okay then, lets move on to these amazing recipes for Nourishing, Healthy Kids DIY Summer Snacks!

Ive also listed some additional web resources below so be sure to read through to the end.

Basic Blender Bombshell Popsicles


BPA-free Popsicle Molds and Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black
or other High Speed Blender


  • 2 cups fresh or frozen organic berries (I use a blend of blueberries and strawberries)
  • About 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon, lime or orange juice
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1-3 tablespoons natural sweetener such as maple syrup, stevia, raw honey, or coconut sugar of your choice (to taste)


  1. Place all ingredients in your Vitamix or high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into popsicle molds, and freeze 5-8 hours or until set.
  3. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Virgin Pina Colada Creamsicles:


BPA-free Popsicle Molds and Vitamix or other High Speed Blender


3 mashed ripe bananas

1 cup of full fat coconut milk

1 cup of fresh or frozen mango chunks

1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks (to avoid GMOs, look for organic or non-Hawaiian pineapple)


  1. Place all ingredients in your Vitamix or high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into popsicle molds, and freeze 5-8 hours or until set.

Zero-Waste, Super-Savory, Kid-Approved Juicing Crackers


Vitamix, food processor, or high speed blender

Food dehydrator (click on the Excalibur to check out the one we use and love)Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator, Black, or oven set on lowest heat


2 cups of pumpkin seeds (soaked overnight in filtered water, then rinsed before use)

1 ½ cups sesame seeds (soaked overnight in filtered water, then rinsed before use)

1/4 1 cup of fresh organic garlic cloves (we like a lot of garlic)

1 cup of fresh organic dill

2 cups of fresh organic spinach

1 cup filtered water

2 cups of fresh organic basil

1 ½ cups Whole Flax Seeds

½ cup of Bragg’s Aminos

2 cups filtered water

Salt and pepper to taste

8 cups of vegetable pulp from juicing carrots, spinach, kale, celery

2 cups chia seeds (soaked overnight in filtered water)

DIY Crackers


  1. In a blender or food processor, combine soaked and rinsed pumpkin and sesame seeds, garlic, dill and 1 cup of spinach with the and 1 cup of filtered water.
  2. Blend to desired texture (chunky or smooth) and transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  3. In the same blender (no need to rinse) combine basil, the remaining 1 cup of spinach, flax seeds, Braggs Liquid Aminos, 2 cups filtered water, and salt and pepper to taste. Emulsify as desired.
  4. (Often times the mixture is very thick and doesn’t ground the flax entirely which is fine with me.)
  5. Transfer to the mixing bowl with the other ingredients.
  6.  Next, combine the juice pulp and soaked and rinsed chia seeds with the blended ingredients and mix well. (I usually start using a large wooden spoon but then I end up using my hand because it is very thick).
  7. If you feel the mixture is too dry you can add moisture with extra carrot juice, plain filtered water, or I usually add more water with more chia seeds to create a glue-like effect.
  8. Spread mixture on dehydrator paper and dehydrate for 12 hours, or until the crackers are completely dry.

I usually dehydrate at 105-115 degrees F to keep them raw and their enzymes alive.

If you don’t have a dehydrator just bake them in the oven at the lowest temperature possible until they are crispy.

These are wonderful!!! Enjoy!

DIY Crackers

MORE mouthwatering, cool, and healthful summertime treats from around the web

When I need some creative, kid-friendly recipe inspiration, I turn to these holistically-minded recipe blogs.

These bloggers (most of them moms) are so clever with their ideas, and really jive with the living your life naturally philosophy.

To make your life easier, I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to their sites.

Homemade Fruit by the Foot (from Danielle Walker at

Strawberries & Cream Popsicles (from

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Popsicles (from

Key Lime Pie Popsicle Recipe (from

Coconut-Berry Popsicle (from


I dont know about you, but writing this post has made me hungrytime to break out the Vitamix.

What are your favorite nourishing, kid-Friendly DIY summer snack recipes?

How did you overcome your guilt over the big myth and get your family on board with healthy eating?

Lets keep the creative ideas and inspiration flowing in the comments section below.

Cheers to a healthful, flavorful, and FUN summer.



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